Pythegorean Tetractys 2015 - Vakakis Winery

The revolution of the island has began!

There are some varieties known to all, popular and beloved. There are others you have to search in order to find them or come across them by chance. But if you do, be sure that you will love them with passion and that is where your journey begins.

The Avgoustiatis is one of the rare Greek varieties uniquely qualified to provide the impetus for this trip. Originating from the west side of the Peloponnese, it started earning the love and trust of wine producers and simultaneously gets more and more acres in their vineyards.

The rebellious Nikos Vakakis is the winemaker who first started the fight against the law of 1934 which requires the sale and exploitation of the whole of Samos wine production from the local association of the island. He is also the one who started experimenting with the variety in uncharted waters for both of them.

The Pythagorean Tetraktys 2015 Vakakis Winery, with its name and label inspired by Pythagoras, the great geometrician and mathematician of the island, is the only single-varietal Avgoustiatis wine from Samos and one of the very few throughout Greece. The vines were planted a decade ago and are now ready to reward the producer for his patience and confidence. The low yield is limited to 500 kg / ha despite the dense planting of vines, and is the best omen for the absolute concentration of the taste characteristics in the fruit.

The juice is aged in first and second use French oak barrels for nine months and is released in 4,000 bottles, each containing a story. If you do not want to tell it now, the Tetraktys 2015 Vakakis Winery can be further aged for at least eight years.

The journey begins. The Avgoustiatis promises to hold your hand. Enjoy it.


Vakakis Winery

Pythegorean Tetractys 2015 - Vakakis Winery

A red wine in uncharted waters!
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Type:  dry
Year:  2015
Alcohol:  14 %
Origin:  Samos
Variety:  Avgoustiatis
Aromas:  gooseberry, cherry jam, strawberry jam, vanilla, caramel, bacon, chocolate
Pairs with:  braised beef with rice, spaghetti with prosciutto and fig, chicken roll with quinces
Bottle: 1

Medium depth purple color with violet hues in the glass.

Nose full of finesse, with gooseberry, cherry and strawberry jam dominating. Vanilla, toffee and bacon notes express the barrel while the chocolate pervasive sense completes the complex and interesting bouquet.

Elegant in the mouth, with moderate volume body, soft, velvety tannins and well balanced acidity. Milk chocolate, cinnamon and cocoa accompany the fruit on the palate and remain there in the long lasting aftertaste.

Pair it with spaghetti with prosciutto and figs or chicken roll with quinces

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