FAQs - Botilia.gr


botilia.gr is a closed club of wine lovers and much more. Our members enjoy high quality and sometimes rare wines at discount prices. 

How does mySommelier work?

What is mySommelier?

Registration is free?

Why do I need to be a member?

Where do you send?

What is the charge for transportation?

Why are your prices lower?

Who chooses the wines on botilia.gr?

What happens if a bottle is defective?

What is the maximum order I can place?

How can I pay?

Is it safe?

What are my "corks"?

Why does my cart time out?

How do I earn corks?

How do I redeem my cork?

The corks have an expiration date?

Can I use the same cork twice?

Can I cancel an order?

Can I order by phone?


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