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How does mySommelier work?

mySommelier uses an advanced algorithm for analysing and defining your palate profile and the wines that will appeal to you, based on your taste preferences.

What is mySommelier?

It is a service that helps you select the wines that fit your taste palette. Answer a series of simple, seemingly unrelated questions which help us determine your flavor profile and suggest wines that will certainly suit you. Rate the wines you taste and help us to further personalize our proposals and recommend wines with even greater precision.

Registration is free?


Why do I need to be a member?

Because the quantity secured by the vintners and distributed to our members, is limited.

Where do you send?

The products of can be sent to the whole of Greece, Europe, US and Australia.

What is the charge for transportation?

The transportation cost is calculated before you complete your order. While in your Cart, choose the delivery area for an automatic calculation of shipping costs.

Especially for Attica, if your order value more than 50 €, then  delivery is completely free!

Why are your prices lower?

Because we come in contact directly with producers and source limited quantities at substantial discounts which we provide to our members!

Who chooses the wines on team consists of wine tasters, oenologists and wine enthusiasts with extensive experience in the field.

What happens if a bottle is defective?

Our goal in is to ensure your satisfaction which we strive to achieve through rigorous testing of products and ideal storage conditions. The guarantees that each bottle promoted through this, is guaranteed by the producer and will be replaced in case of any problem.

What is the maximum order I can place?

The only limit is the stock we have available.

How can I pay?

Payment is by credit card Visa & Mastercard with absolutely safe manner or on delivery.

Is it safe?

Absolutely! During the purchase process, you are redirected to the secure site of VivaPayments which is a certified by the Bank of Greece provider of clearing credit cards.
Botilia does  not record any financial information or credit card information.

What are my "corks"?

The corks are discounts which you earn by using and sending invitations to friends. The corks have different values ​​and can be redeemed on purchases earning substantial sums discount!

Why does my cart time out?

The available quantities are very restricted. When you add an item to your cart, the bottles are reserved for you.

That is why your cart expires after 60 minutes, so that the reserved bottles will be once again available for sale.

How do I earn corks?

There are many ways to earn corks.
The simplest is to invite friends. With their first purchase  you automatically earn a cork worth 5 euros!
At times there may be  may be offered corks with new members.

How do I redeem my cork?

During the checkout process you are prompted to choose whether you want to use any of the corks you to redeem the amount due. This amount is automatically deducted from your cart!

The corks have an expiration date?

Unfortunately all good things end. So the corks expire after a period of 1 month!

Can I use the same cork twice?

No, each cork is used only once and removed from the list of my corks.

Can I cancel an order?

No, the order is final.

Can I order by phone?

Of course! You can order by calling +30 211 8508688!


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