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Ker-Oinos Malagouzia


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The aromas of a Malagouzia are not just for your glass!


Why do we love it?
Imagine after a very tiring day waiting for the moment when you will return home and rest on your very comfortable sofa with a glass of wine and your favorite music. Add to the equation the atmospheric light created by a lit candle and if we tell you now that this will also emit the delightful aromas of Malagouzia, how magical does that sound? You're just one step away from living it!
In 2021, the idea of ​​two friends who loved the wine area took shape. They decided to take this cult further, always respecting nature and its products. They created candles with aromas from grape varieties, to give an extra elegance to the moments of enjoying their favorite wines.
Ker-oinos Malagouzia has as a raw material 2/3 soy wax and 1/3 paraffin wax for food, which means that it is completely natural and not at all harmful when burning. The wick is 100% cotton, while the cap is oak. But the environmental consciousness of the group is not limited only to the raw material but also in practice since a part of their annual income ends up in the reforestation of fire-affected areas!
Treat yourself to a fragrant and relaxing moment fact, the moments will be many, because you can light it on for in total over 50 hours!
Exquisite aromas of peach, apricot, mango, green apple, lime, hibiscus, peach, nectarine, papaya, pear, honey, Madagascar vanilla.


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