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Seventy One Gin


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A Super Premium Gin with a lot of fans!


Why do we love it?
What could be the connection between the following words? Vogue, Vanity Fair, Christian Dior, Versace, Yves Saint Laurent, gin, rose petals, jasmine and grapefruit oils. Only if the name of the famous photographer Mert Alas comes in at the end and suddenly everything makes sense...
Mert Alas made his photographic debut in fashion when he and his partner Marcus Piggott submitted a photo shoot to London's Dazed and Confused fashion magazine. They immediately started working together and the road to glory opened wide. Mert's drink has always been gin and that was enough for him to decide to make one that included his aesthetic and elegance in the contents of the bottle too, since quality and elegance would be a given for the outside!
Seventy One Gin was created from rare herbs and their distillation took place when they gave their best aromatic characteristics. But what is different about this gin is that in addition to the herbs, the scarce and hard-to-find Epiphyllum oxypetalum flower, or queen of the night, which only blooms at night, and which by dawn has withered, also participates in its creation! The spirit remains to mature for 71 days in three very carefully selected categories of oak barrels, some of which have been used for Pedro Ximénez and Cognac. The oak aromas blend evenly with the botanicals, creating a complex and delicious result.
Seventy-One Gin belongs to the Super-Premium Gin category and from the first moment of its release it has won a place on the shelves of the most famous bars worldwide.  ​​Spirits, photography, and fashion now have something in common. High aesthetics, excellent quality, and fanatical fans!
Enjoy it on its own or simply with an ice cube and make a click at any time you want it to be unforgettable.
In the glass, it is soft amber. Rich and very elegant aromas of jasmine, rose, citrus oils, cooked apple, and ripe pear, framed by notes of honey, vanilla, and cinnamon.
In the mouth, it is rich, with a slightly creamy texture and a long-lasting velvety aftertaste.


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