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Wanderlust Rose 2023 - Chatzivaritis Winery
Chatzivariti Winery


  Greece / Goumenissa
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The rose that was born to excite!


Why do we love it?

The most exhilarating colors of the summer sky are bottled and challenge you on a quest! The magic of searching and exploring, when it's too intense, creates almost escapist tendencies! That's roughly what Wanderlust means. Those who have felt it know. Fortunately for everyone, Chloe felt it all those years she was away abroad and she turned it into wine! Wanderlust 2023 is not just a rosé wine, it's a whole feeling!

After a long wandering and search for her wine style, Chloe Hatzivarytis returned from France in 2016 and brought with her all the love and know-how she gathered in her travels, for natural wines and biodynamic cultivation. Her father Vangelis Hatzivaritis, initiator and founder of the winery, proudly supported his daughter's new venture: natural, unfiltered, and uncorked wines. The least possible intervention is A to Z in Chloe's vinification. Every year nature may have other plans and then shows her the way to the appropriate vinification that must be carried out, to capture the best character of the grape in the wine.

Wanderlust, acquired all the colors of the pink palette, after about 2 hours of cryoextraction. That's where it got that unique freshness of cherries and peaches, while the brio of the Xiomavro, is impossible to hide! Fermentation was done with indigenous natural yeasts to end up in unfiltered bottling. Know that this wine does not contain a drop of sulfite.

This rosé will become the best addition to summer evenings with friends, endless conversations, and laughter until tears. It is the rosé born to excite!









Tastes Like

In the glass has a deep pink-peach color. The nose is intense, and completely fruity, with aromas of strawberry, sour cherry, and cherry, with intense duration.

In the mouth, it is rich with juicy red fruits, mainly cherries, and sweet-sour cherries framed by botanical notes of rosehip and jasmine. The tannins are strong and the aromas of ripe peach create the perfect harmony.

Technical stuff
Color Rose
Type Dry
Year 2023
Alcohol 12%
Origin Goumenissa
Variety Xinomavro
Aromas Strawberry, sour cherry, cherry, jasmine
Bottle Size 750ml
Barrique -
Serving temperature 9°C
Aging 3 years
Closure Cork
Organic Yes



Pair it with a huge platter of summer fruit. You will love it with goat cheese, seafood risotto, and cool strawberry salad.

Stuffed veggies with couscous

For stuffing
- 250 g couscous
- 3 fresh onions
- 1 dry onion
- 2 cloves of garlic
- 1 small bunch of parsley
- 2 tablespoons of black currants
- 2 tablespoons pine nuts
- 40 ml. olive oil
- 150 ml. tomato juice
- Freshly ground pepper
- Salt

You will also need:
- 4 tomatoes
- 4 zucchinis
- 4 green peppers
- 60 ml. olive oil
- 100 ml. tomato juice
- Freshly ground pepper
- Salt

Cut and remove the lids from the veggies and empty the interior.

In a large bowl, finely chop tomatoes, parsley, onions and garlic. Add tomato juice, pine nut, raisins, salt, pepper and 40 ml. olive oil, mix and add the couscous and 50 ml. water.

Stuff the vegetables and place them in a large saucepan next to each other. In a bowl, mix 60 ml. olive oil, 100 ml. tomato juice, 150 ml. water, salt-pepper and pour over the veggies.

Place the saucepan on medium heat, for 3-4 minutes and then simmer for about 35 minutes, until the vegetables are softened or when the juices run out. Let cool and serve or you can eat it cold.

- You can add in the pot and a couple of potatoes cut into chunks.
- You can make it in the oven too.
- Pine nuts and raisins can be omitted.


Eva Monochari

Food Blogger


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