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Terra Nera 2022 - Artemis Karamolegos Winery
Artemis Karamolegkos Winery


  Greece / Santorini
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The ultimate combination of freshness and maturity!


Why do we love it?

Terra Nera white by Artemis Karamolegkos, is the ultimate combination of freshness and maturity!

Could you ever imagine that young vineyards of Santorini could give a perfectly balanced and enjoyable wine? Of course, when we say young, we mean an average age of 50...

The history of the Artemis Karamolegkos Winery dates back to 1952. Grandfather Artemis was one of the first grape growers of the island and today some of the vines of the winery are 150 years old! The winery acquired an air of modernity, when the third generation of the family, grandson Artemis Karamolegos, took the reins. He compounded family tradition with technology and applied new techniques, both in winemaking and the vineyard. What was the result? To bottle the winery's first PDO wine! The Karamolegkos family has written an entire encyclopedia regarding the production of Santorini wines, with honors in Greece and abroad, while at the moment it is one of the first production units on the island.

For the beginning, you can start "reading" the preface of this encyclopedia, with Terra Nera series. This is the winery's simplest version of wines, but also the one that will make you want to try all the rest!

In Terra Nera white, Assyrtiko is vinified at low temperatures and thus the fruity aromas stand out more. Then it stays in contact with the lees, for about 4 months, because ok we said it is new, but it remains Assyrtiko!

Try it and trust will smell like summer! Having it with food, it is a blast...just forget about water!






Tastes Like

Intense fruity aromas, with melon and pear overcoming. Ripe citrus fruits, mainly lemon and lime, balance perfectly with the austere typical minerality and delicate notes of herbs and wet stone. Great palate intensity, with long and complex aftertaste.

Technical stuff
Color White
Type Dry
Year 2022
Alcohol 13%
Origin Santorini
Variety Assyrtiko
Aromas Melon, pear, citrus fruits, lemon, lime, minerality, herbs, wet stone
Bottle Size 750ml
Barrique -
Serving temperature 10°C
Aging 4 years
Closure Screw cap
Organic No



Pair it with linguine alle vongole, grilled seabass, over roasted pork with lemon

Spaghetti with shrimps, lemon and fennel

1 pack of spaghetti No6, whole-wheat
800 gr. shrimps
2 lemons
5-6 cloves of garlic
1 little bunch of fennel
ground pepper
sea salt
chili flakes
olive oil

Carefully peel and cut the shrimps’ heads. Place them in a pot with 300ml water and boil them, along with 3 cloves of garlic for 15 minutes. Then, filter the broth with a sieve, by pressing it well and keeping it warm.

At the same time, boil the spaghetti in salted water and cook them “al dente”. Take the lemon zest and chop the fennel.

In a large pan, pour 20 ml olive oil and the rest of the garlic. Once the olive oil is warm enough, remove the garlic and add the chili flakes.

Place the peeled, boiled shrimps in the hot pan and leave them for 1-2 minutes on each side. Season with salt and pepper, add a little fennel, a bit of lemon zest and pour in the lemon juice.

Remove the shrimps and in the same pan, place the spaghetti directly from the pot and increase the temperature. Add the broth you have prepared and mix well.

When the spaghetti have absorbed all the broth, sprinkle with fennel, pepper and the remaining zest. Serve the spaghetti with shrimp immediately.

Eva Monochari

Food Blogger


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