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Latest Discoveries

Saumon 2015 – Domaine Charlaftis

A delightful and different Cabernet Sauvignon !

14.19€ 12.90€

Spinas Muscat 2015 - Strataridakis Winery

A rare variety from a legendary winery!

10.60€ 7.00€

Paliokalias 2015 - Dalamaras Winery

A legendary vintage


Robola Black Label 2016 - Domaine Foivos

The amazing white which will not break the bank!

7.90€ 6.30€

Romeo & Juliet Red 2011 - Estate Constantin Gofas

Thank god for those romances...

18.50€ 14.50€

Blue Fox 2013 - Domaine Kyr Yianni

Did he see her or not?



Provence in Greece

14.00€ 10.80€

How it works

  • step 1's team of experts search the whole Greek vineyard to find great, special and sometimes collective wines from small producers.

  • step 2

    We taste and choose only the best. We reject more than 90% of the wines we try. Every week we source limited quantities which are made available at great discounts, for a limited period. Sometimes the quantities are not greater than a couple of dozens.

  • step 3

    Αll you have to do is select your own wines before they run out. We will deliver them to your place quickly and safely.

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